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Worman Law LLC can help fix traffic tickets St. Louis. Chances are pretty good if you are an adult that drives, you have gotten at least one traffic ticket in your life. They may not seem like much, but those pesky little things add up. And depending on what you get pulled over for, the points given for each ticket can send your insurance rates through the roof or even cost you your driver’s license. But did you know that a lawyer can fix traffic tickets St Louis and have them reduced or even dropped?


Worman Law is the go to law firm if you are looking to fix traffic tickets St. Louis for both Missouri and Illinois drivers. When you get pulled over or get into an accident, several things can happen. You get one or more warnings or you get one or more tickets (based on your driving record when the officer pulls your information up in the Missouri Driver’s License Bureau database).

Depending on what the tickets are for, you may be given the options to:

1.) just pay the ticket(s)
2.) go to court (take Worman Law to fix traffic tickets St Louis)
3.) go to traffic school.

Any time you get multiple tickets or a ticket worth more than 2 points, you need to call Worman Law to fix traffic tickets St. Louis.

fix traffic tickets st louis

Fix Traffic Tickets St Louis

So how are we able to fix traffic tickets St Louis? Say you get pulled over in Missouri for Excessive Speeding and you can’t produce your insurance card or driver’s license. That is 9 points if you are pulled over by a state trooper and 8 on county or city roads. Worman Law will fix traffic tickets St Louis by offering a “plea bargain”, reducing all of the citations, changing them to non moving violations, or eliminating one or two to one or two lesser charges, such as Drive Too Fast for Condition or Improper Turn (2 points each regardless of whether the violations are state, county, or municipal). The courts are more likely to grant the reduction if you have a clean driving record up to that point.

If your tickets come from involvement in a motor vehicle accident, accepting the ticket(s) can be interpreted as admitting guilt in causing the accident, putting your coverage at risk. It can also put you at greater risk for being sued by the other driver or property owner for negligence.

Contact Your Local Speeding Ticket Lawyer St Louis

Even if you only received one ticket for a minor moving violation (speeding, brake light out, running a stop sign), fixing the ticket now, possibly erasing it, can cost less than the ticket itself, especially with our reasonable rates.  It may help your case if you have a local speeding ticket lawyer St Louis there to help get the ticket resolved. The points received for tickets stay on your license anywhere from one to eleven years, depending on the severity of the offense, where the offense occurred, and what state you hold a license in.

Our team of DWI lawyers St Louis can also help with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges stemming from alcohol, drugs, or any controlled substance. These tickets not only come with the highest point penalties, but can also cost you your driving privileges or even your job. That is why you need the fix traffic tickets St Louis experts at Worman Law, combing over how the stop was handled from beginning to end, including the field sobriety test and breathalyzer calibration. If you are from out of state, these tickets can be trickier to fix and will take more time and money than for someone living in Missouri or Illinois.  Having a speeding ticket lawyer St Louis on your side can help you fight on your behalf and may be able to reduce the charges in the right circumstances.

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If you are a CDL driver and you have a traffic violation, you should call a traffic ticket lawyer St Louis to look at your case and see if we can help.  CDL drivers are eligible to have some violations reduced, but anti masking laws in Missouri prevent some CDL citations from being fixed. Worman Law will fix traffic tickets St. Louis in both Missouri and Illinois, many times without you having to come back to either state if you are an OTR driver.

Because getting a traffic ticket can be not only costly but embarrassing, our professional staff will treat you with compassion in a timely manner. Worman Law can fix traffic tickets St. Louis without you even needing to go to court, saving you time off from work. 

How Does A Traffic Ticket Lawyer St Louis Get Paid?

Our traffic ticket lawyer St Louis fees are based on the details of the case.  Depending on the infractions, we will decide what the cost will be to work on the the case.  Once you have Worman Law fix traffic tickets St Louis, make sure you drive extra careful for the next year to avoid getting pulled over again. At that point, most fixed or unfixed ticket points will fall off of your record, unless it is a DWI or other serious offense such as vehicular manslaughter, which could stay on your record for the rest of your life.

Don’t let a one-time mistake follow you for the rest of your life. Call Worman Law to fix traffic tickets St. Louis.


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